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== Andreas Lechner == [1]

Entrepreneur, studied IT expert & IT consultant, web developer, gifted writer, blogger, researcher and a curious individual, who is passionate about science, IoT, technology, virtual reality, social media networking, design & digital marketing. A habitual knowledge seeker who loves knowing how things work and curious about perfection. Passionated content and ghost writer, blogger, traveller, technology nerd, political enthusiast and volunteer firefighter.

Knowledge and experience[Bearbeiten]

  • studied expert in the field of information technology, IT infrastructure & infrastructure services, computer networks & systems security, server and network administration, (Bond University Australia[2]; Charles Sturt University Australia[3])
  • information technology expert & consultant, information technology strategic and planner, information technology project management (IT Lechner - We do IT, because IT is our job! [4])
  • passionated blogger, researcher, content & ghost writer [5] [6] [7]
  • early bird in social media networking with more than 10 years experience in search engine optimization, social media content presentation & social media management.

Famous Quotes:[Bearbeiten]

“Technology IS IN THE Air, It is IN THE STREET, It is just everywhere we go. And because Technology HAS TO DO WITH IDEAS, THE WAY WE LIVE, WHAT we do and in the end what IS HAPPENING! Technology is not something that just gets invented, it is already around us and in us!” [8]

Work Experience & Companies:[Bearbeiten]

  • Lechner Unternehmensgruppe uG [10]
  • Rechner.Expert uG [11]

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