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Habe das "Kein Mensch ist illegal" - Zitat unter "Zugeschrieben" geschrieben, da mir die Primärquelle nicht bekannt ist. Wenn Du sie weißt, bitte ändere es entsprechend. Das Zitat fand ich z.B. auf www.contrast.org/borders/kein/appell/aufruf.html

Has anybody checked the quote from Appointment with Hate, Avon, New York 1968, pp. 177-178? Online it seems largely (only?) to be quoted by sites with (IMHO) clear antisemitic tendencies and I cannot find any source which gives the context or even the whole article. I'm tenpted to doubt the NPOV if quotes serve certain interests and cannot be checked independently by the reader. -- Regards, Q

I can see your point. The cited title refers apparently to the chapter of the book "Legends of our time". It might be worthwhile checking the reference, although not too easy, as this book is not easily available. It might take some weeks. Besides of this it can be doubted that this quote is one which is really characteristica for Mr. Wiesel. If you find other quotes, you could replace it. As the works of Elie Wiesel are still procetcted by copyright laws, we do not accept more than 5..10 quotes for this author. Best regards --Hei ber 19:24, 19. Jul. 2007 (CEST)[Beantworten]

Kann die Quelle irgendjemand bestaetigen? Waere mir sehr hilfreich. --(Der vorstehende, nicht signierte Beitrag stammt von (DiskussionBeiträge) 20:37, 22. Apr. 2008)