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John Glenn

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John Glenn

John Glenn (1921-2016)[Bearbeiten]

US-amerikanischer Astronaut

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  • "Ich empfand die Schwerelosigkeit als äußerst angenehm [...] Die Tatsache, dass man dieses seltsame Phänomen da oben als so natürlich empfindet, bezeugt, wie schnell der Mensch sich einer neuen Umgebung anpassen kann. [...] Dieser Zustand ist sogar so angenehm, dass wir schließlich scherzhaft meinten, der Mensch könne leicht süchtig danach werden. Ich zumindest könnte es." - zitiert bei www.planet-wissen.de
  • ("In fact, I found weightlessness to be extremely pleasant. I must say it is convenient for a space pilot. I was busy at one moment, for example, taking pictures, and suddenly I had to free my hands to attend to something else. Without even thinking about it, I simply left the camera in mid-air, and it stayed there as if I had laid it on a table until I was ready to pick it up again. The fact that this strange phenomenon seemed so natural at the time indicates how rapidly man can adapt to a new environment. I am sure that I could have gone for a much longer period in a weightless condition without being bothered by it at all. Being suspended in a state of zero G is much more comfortable than lying down under the pressure of 1 G on the ground, for you are not subject to any pressure points. You feel absolutely free. The state is so pleasant, as a matter of fact, that we joked that a person could probably become addicted to it without any trouble. I know that I could." - books.google)


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