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Hello, I would like to ask Your project for bot flag for the Dinybot robot. It is a classical global automatic interwiki robot which operates at all Wikiquotes. (Currently it has about 83 accounts.) Demonstrative editations are available. Also specification in English is available. Is possible to ask for bot flag on some special page here? If yes, I'll put my request there.

Thanks for Your complaisance.

--Martin Kozák 01:12, 27. Mär. 2007 (CEST)[Beantworten]

Hello Martin, thank you for your question. I will copy your request to Wikiquote:Bots, which is the right place for these requests. After seven days I shall ask our Bureaucrat for the botflag, if nobody stated objections against that.--Hei ber 23:57, 27. Mär. 2007 (CEST)[Beantworten]

Kurz-Info Foundation: Neue Nutzungsbedingugen[Bearbeiten]

Wusste leider nicht wohin damit, deshalb hier...

Zur Information: Zurzeit findet auf Foundation-Ebene eine Diskussion über die Einführung neuer Nutzungsbedinungen statt (Erläuternde E-Mail von der Mailingliste). Man fühle sich frei, an dieser Diskussion teilzunehmen:

Ein paar Kernsätze aus dem Eröffnungsstatement:

As I see it, right now our present terms of use is not much more than a licensing agreement. It does not address a number of other subjects that are normally found in terms of use of other community-driven websites and that are often relevant for both legal and community reasons.
What we would like to do is to invite you to read the draft, reflect on it, and leave your comments and feedback on the discussion page. We plan to leave this version up for at least 30 days;

Some key provisions:


Roles and responsibilities: We feel we need to be honest with the community on a number of issues, including user liability.
Free Licensing: We felt our present agreement is somewhat confusing on the free licensing requirements. The proposed agreement attempts to explain more clearly those requirements for editors.
Harassment, threats, stalking, vandalism, and other long-term issues: The proposed agreement would make clear that such acts are prohibited. Novel for us, the agreement also raises the possibility of a global ban for extreme cross-wiki violations, a need that we have heard expressed from a number of community members. We will share that policy with the community in draft form shortly. Dealing with such matters is a process that we hope volunteers will continue to lead on a day-to-day basis.

Hinweis: Auch wenn eine Diskussion in den jeweiligen Projekten zu begrüßen ist, ist es unwahrscheinlich, dass die Foundation diese zur Kenntnis nimmt. Wer tatsächlich etwas erreichen will, sollte sich deshalb auf meta begeben. Grüße, --Kellerkind 10:08, 13. Sep. 2011 (CEST)[Beantworten]