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Could you please have a look at our "Hauptseite"? Despite of your edit, there is a weird actual version. Thanks.--ΣB (Diskussion) 20:15, 7. Jun. 2020 (CEST)[Antworten]

The change I made shouldn't have any effect on the page (and I see when reverting it it looks identical). IT simply added a class so that your wiki can respond to phab:T254287.
It looks like this relates to the parser (possibly a parser bug due to this harmless change this change by User:WIKImaniac. I'd recommend reverting that change to see if the problem goes away. This is likely due to phab:T134423 and have let the developers know.
Jdlrobson (Diskussion) 21:16, 7. Jun. 2020 (CEST)[Antworten]
Hey, I just made Benutzer:Izno/main_page to fix the main page. User:SigmaB please take a look? -- (Diskussion) 02:09, 9. Jun. 2020 (CEST)[Antworten]
Thank you very much, Izno - I used it and it looks good now. Please feel free to fix what Jon (WMF) has done to the page. When trying to confirm his edit, the page looked garbeled as before, so I refrained from confirmation. (Diskussion) 09:37, 9. Jun. 2020 (CEST)[Antworten], someone also needs to accept the pending revisions. --Izno (Diskussion) 13:13, 9. Jun. 2020 (CEST)[Antworten]
I just did it and think everything is fine now. Thanks again for your help!