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Lee Smolin

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Lee Smolin (2004)

Lee Smolin (* 1955)[Bearbeiten]

US-amerikanischer Theoretischer Physiker

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  • (Original engl.: "What is space and what is time? This is what the problem of quantum gravity is about. In general relativity, Einstein gave us not only a theory of gravity but a theory of what space and time are--a theory that overthrew the previous Newtonian conception of space and time. The problem of quantum gravity is how to combine the understanding of space and time we have from relativity theory with the quantum theory, which also tells us something essential and deep about nature." - "A Theory of the Whole Universe" in John Brockman: The third culture - Simon & Schuster, New York 1995., ISBN 0-684-80359-3, Page 287 Chapter 17; zitiert in Lee Smolin CV und Antigravity?)

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